Steyn Capital Global Emerging Markets Fund (UCITS)

Portfolio Profile

The Steyn Capital Global Emerging Markets Fund is a section 65 approved, value orientated long-only portfolio predominantly investing in listed equities in Global Emerging Markets. The strategy follows a bottom-up stock selection approach.

Objectives & Strategy

The portfolio’s primary objective is the maximisation of long-term returns through significant outperformance of emerging markets indices. The investment strategy is to maximize investor capital by buying securities with trading values materially lower than their intrinsic values. Our investment process ensures that our portfolio is constructed on a bottom-up basis with only the best ideas generated through our research-intensive investment process included in the portfolio.

Fund Structure: Irish domiciled UCITS Fund – sub-fund of Prescient Global Funds ICAV

Steyn Capital Global Emerging Markets Fund – latest MDD

How to invest

The fund is available through the Prescient Management company. ↗️


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