SA Retail Hedge Fund

Portfolio Profile

The Steyn Capital SNN Retail Hedge Fund is a value orientated long/short portfolio investing in South African equities. The portfolio follows a bottom-up stock selection approach. The portfolio is currently open to new investment.

Steyn Capital Management HedgeNews Africa Fund of the Year award

The following investment restrictions are applied in the portfolio:

  • Gross exposure is limited to 200% of net assets
  • Net exposure is limited to between 25% and 100% of net assets
  • Individual long positions are limited to 12% of net assets
  • Individual short positions are limited to 7.5% of net assets
  • Net industry concentration (as measured by sub-sector) is limited to 25% of net assets

Objectives & Strategy

The fund’s primary objective is achieving absolute rates of return over the long term, while minimizing the risk of capital impairment. The investment strategy is to maximize investor capital by buying securities with trading values materially lower than their intrinsic values, and by selling short securities with trading values materially higher than their intrinsic values.

ASISA Classification: Retail Investor Hedge Fund – South African – Long/Short Equity – Long Bias

Fund Class 1 ISIN: ZAE000240446


Steyn Capital SNN Retail Hedge Fund – latest MDD

Steyn Capital SNN Retail Hedge Fund – latest quarterly report

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